40 year-old Ong Soon Heng allegedly abducted a 22 year-old woman and raped her while she was heavily intoxicated and unconscious.

On 24 Jul 2014, the victim and Ong were at a club with friends, where Ong plied the victim with round after round of alcohol. When the victim passed out drunk at about 4AM, Ong told their friends that he would see her home. They did not object as they were known to be “good friends”.

However, Ong took advantage of her state of unconsciousness and took her to his house at 4 Hume Heights. CCTV footage captured Ong carrying the victim’s limp body out of the club and into his car where he left the club at 4.04AM.

Ong was known to be carrying a torch for the victim.

Prosecutors revealed that the victim’s boyfriend, who had not been at the party at the club, became worried after he did not hear from her and did not reach her. He used the Find My iPhone app to track her down to 4 Hume Heights, where he found the victim lying in Ong’s bed, still unconscious. She was dressed in Ong’s t-shirt and boxers, but the 40 year-old man said he did not do anything to her.

About eight hours after the rape, the victim’s blood alcohol concentration was 62mg per 100ml of blood. Doctors estimated that during the rape, the victim’s blood alcohol concentration would have been about 210 to 254mg per 100ml of blood.

A psychiatrist will testify that the victim would have been in “a severe state of alcohol intoxication with significantly impaired consciousness” at the time, prosecutors said. “Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the victim would have consensually participated in sexual intercourse (that day).”

The Court heard testimonies indicating that Ong, who is divorced, was romantically interested in the victim, and had persisted in his advances even though he knew the victim was not interested in him. The victim only tolerated Ong’s advantages because she was afraid of affecting her internship at an F&B company whose owners were friends with the accused.

If convicted of rape, Ong could be jailed up to 20 years and caned. For abduction, he could be jailed up to seven years and fined.

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