Uber is a hypocrite, booked uberX from Choa Chu Kang MRT to Choa Chu Kang Cemetery last Saturday, before booking it was indicated that the fare will be $9.20, fixed rate.

An expected 10 minute journey became 50 minutes because of the jam, so after alighting from the car, uber sent me an email saying that I am charged $9.20 for the ride.

Few hours later, they sent me another email saying that my fare have been
adjusted to $25 as the driver disputed the fare!

I have been contacting and quarreling with uber regarding this and has since
written to the LTA. You know what uber can tell me with an obnoxious
attitude? They told me that the fixed rate indicated on the app is subjected
to their expected time taken and expected route, so if the time or route
taken is longer than expected, fares will be adjusted accordingly. I disputed
it but uber refused to adjust back to its original fare!

They keep telling me the driver wrote in to dispute, the driver, I believe is
an undergraduate, but that doesn’t matter, now my question is, why is uber so
manipulative? Why they allow their drivers or themselves dispute fares at
their discretion? Then for what they come up with fixed fares? If it’s so
manipulative, then I should say uber and their drivers are very money minded!

Is this right?

A.S.S. Contributor

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