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I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about FT’s stealing jobs. First of all, ask yourself this: Are you actually qualified? Would you work in Woodlands while living in Hougang? I am local, not to worry. And I’ll tell you this. Hiring practices here are questionable. I was once told I cannot work for a company because I’d be the only non-Chinese or Ah Tiong in the company. And I was qualified for the job. Imagine that!

The current company I work for tried hiring locals for over a year for 2 positions. Not one person was qualified. Worse still, those that were quite qualified began asking about travelling business class and asking for parking privileges.

WTF! They didn’t even get the job and already started to state demands. Locals. The 2 that that moved from overseas to get the positions gave up their lives and moved. They love it here and have integrated so well it’s unbelievable.

Another case. Local guy fresh out of university was given the chance of a lifetime. A good salary but working in Tuas. He lives near Bt Timah. Turned down the offer.Why? “Tuas too far la bro. Must wake up 6am go to work”.

I used to work for a really large company who paid me pittance. I barely had $50 left in my bank account at the end of the month. I was like everyone else back then. Hated the foreigners who “stole the job I deserve”. Turns out I was not qualified enough due to a lack of a skill-set and experience. I learned. I stayed hungry. I began to understand.

We may be citizens here, but we are not always deserving. It’s not our god given right to be given high paying jobs, or a job as a matter of fact, once we graduate. If I were you, I’d learn, do better and go for the big fish out there. Remember, you can’t be a CEO without starting from the bottom.


A.S.S. Contributor

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