This is the best taxi driver i meet, i were taking a cab home from woodland train checkpoint “taxi stand”, when aboard this taxi SHC6211H & told him i was going to Causeway Point mall, he straight away tell me to get out his taxi as the distance was too short for him to earn? WTF? Is this taxi at the taxi stand queuing? Is that not my turn? What kind of answer is this.

I understand taxi driver have the right not to go places unless they indicate it at the panel on top of his taxi. But this driver didn’t. (They can manually keyin from his system to show passengers before they aboard).

So my question to this transport company ” Premier”. Can your company taxi driver reject before of this when he can inform before hand? (As mention – panel indication above taxi).

This driver can even tell me i can just take the cab beside him as that cab was not in the queue (taxi stand like him) becos a passenger just alighted from there.

Are you to say i as a passenger can just take a taxi anywhere i like when there are taxi queuing at the taxi stand? ( im in the taxi stand queuing too).

Please explain, anyone know if there are rule that the taxi driver can do that?

Lewisz Riebuz
A.S.S. Contributor

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