A netizen shared an unpleasant experience her friend had with a foreign domestic worker, Indah, who has a nasty habit of stealing her employer’s belongings.

According to the netizen, her friend hired a maid who worked for her for only 3 months. However, in the span of those 3 months, her maid stole her jewelry not once but twice.

The first time the maid stole a ring, but she was caught and the employer kindly agreed to give the ring to her as a present. When her employer lent her an iPhone 5 to use in Singapore, she also took the phone with her on her last day acting as though her employer had given it to her. To make things worse, on the day that she left for her home country, her employer discovered that an iPhone 6S had conveniently gone missing.

Subsequently after the maid left, her employer also discovered that a valuable necklace had disappeared. Her employer suspected that the maid had taken it, searched on her former maid’s profile and discovered that the maid had even posed for a photo with the missing necklace and posted it online!

When her misdeeds were exposed, many of the maid’s “friends” revealed that they had been cheated by her. She had gone around asking for loans from her fellow domestic workers and did not pay a single cent back to them.

The netizen would like to warn all domestic worker employers to hire her at their own risk.

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