A netizen was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which would have prohibited him about sharing anything about his defective phone from Samsung that would embarass the company.

A reader shared this Facebook post by Lim Dao Qing Brian, who posted his unhappiness with Samsung on Channel News Asia and the Samsung Facebook page.

According to Lim, his phone had died on him barely a week after using it. When he tried to get an exchange from Samsung, they said they would hand him a new set if he signed a contract that legally binds him to not post anything negative about his phone.

The clause highlighted in the photo posted by Lim reads:

“By accepting the Mobile Device, you agree not to directly or indirectly (including anonymously or by pseudonym) make, issue, release, disseminate, publish or re-publish to the media (including without limitation, Facebook, Twitter, or in any other way on the internet) or to any person or entity any statement, comment or remark that would tend to disparage, derogate, criticise, embarrass or humiliate Samsung (including, Samsung products, services, employees, agents or executives).”

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