Hi, I booked a JUSTGRAB taxi going home Fixed Fare was $16. I sensed something was not right when I board the taxi and the driver switched on his meter but I just didn’t want to ask him and kena long lecture as I was tired from working whole day.

When we arrived at the destination, the taxi meter was $20 + $4.30 (Booking Fee). Then he chut pattern and said that I must pay the price as shown on the meter. So I tell the driver that he had accepted a “JustGrab” service where it is fixed fee, and the agreed price was $16.

He then shouted at me “this is GrabTaxi, you pay by meter!” I put my foot down and said I am only going to pay $16. We can either call Grab company or call the police. It was then he relented and took the money.

However, not all drivers are like that. Got once my fare was $12 but because I had a promo code I only needed to pay $7. When I paid and was about to alight from the taxi, the uncle very nicely said too much too much and returned me the $7.

Just sharing so that consumers are aware that some dishonest drivers will try to chut pattern and scam u.

Michelle Wong
ASS Contributor

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