Dear A.S.S. Editor

In this day and age of social media platforms, everyone who posts on social media are basically trying to get themselves noticed. It is an accepted fact that when you post about your private life, you actually just want people to know what you are up to, to gain their attention.

But what about the case recently where a woman who actually lied to the police about being robbed? Trying to get attention, but in a very wrong way? The woman had lodged a police report alleging that a motorcyclist had snatched her handbag containing cash and personal documents sometime past midnight on March 23, near Block 214 Bedok Central. However, police investigations reveal several inconsistencies, and police realised that she may have been lying.

The official motif was the woman was apparently trying to cover up for some lost documents, which was why she cooked up the story about being robbed. Just for trying to cover up a mistake, or maybe even to gain infamy via her act, she could now face a significant time behind bars.

Linda Chan

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