Dear A.S.S. Editor

Sad that a 60 year old man, almost reaching the age of retirement, was arrested for being involved in a series of bogus private-hire car promotional deals last month.This was in relation to promotion deals for Grab and Uber rides.

At least nine reports were made by victims of the scam between Feb 22 and Feb 23, with the money lost amounting to at least $7,700. The victims were introduced to cheap “Grab/Uber promotional packages” through friends who had come across the advertisements by word of mouth. After being asked to contact the seller via online messaging app WhatsApp, they were instructed to transfer money to bank accounts to purchase the packages. Once done, the seller became uncontactable, and the packages were not redeemable.

Why does a 60 year old man need to scam others in such a way? Is it because it was an easy opportunity to make money off trusting people? Or was he driven to carry put the scam in a desperate need for money? Turning to a life of crime at a ripe old age of 60. That is very sad indeed.

Tony Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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