Dear A.S.S. Editor

This is it. This Saturday, will be the last time that 2G network will be available in Singapore. By Sunday morning, anyone still on the network will not be able to use their phone anymore.

So, if you know of anyone that is still on the network, time to tell them authorities here forcing you to change. I’m not complaining here, just lamenting the fact that we are no longer given a choice to lead a simple life. 3G phone means even if I want to keep away from social media, I can’t. Because the phone I’m using allows me to log on to the internet, and thus, the temptation to go there and log in is always there.

Sigh. Use 3G phone, battery will run out within a day. Means now everyday have ot charge the phone. Maybe even twice a day. End up, monthly electricity bill goes up. Again, as with everything, I pay more. Salary never increase. Who win? The government again lah!

Peter Lum

A.S.S. Contributor

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