For the past 2 years, an elderly man has been serenading Punggol MRT users with his own unique variety of “songs”. Using a handheld radio device, the uncle blasts hokkien vulgarities, some of which may be familiar even to non-dialect speakers.

According to one witness, she came across the uncle one day when she was going home. The man was carrying a portable handheld radio with vulgarities blaring from its speakers. Some of the vulgarities are easily recognizable as curses directed against any intended victim’s parents or foul descriptions of a woman’s genitals.

Feeling insulted by what she saw, one witnessed submitted evidence of the man’s antics to reporters. In the video, the man was seen carrying his radio and advancing towards the turnstile gantries. He pretended to take out his wallet to tap his EZ link card, but would pause there for 2 to 3 minutes with his vulgarity-spewing radio turned on at full blast. After getting everyone’s attention, he would then walk off and turn down the volume on his expletive ridden radio set.

The witness has tried in vain to get the uncle to stop his antics.

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