The Straits Times is causing a stir with its super exciting video of an LRT train leaving Fajar LRT station… but the reasons for the viral spread of the video remain unclear.

According to a reader who alerted us to the video, ST shared a link to a video showing an LRT train closing its doors and leaving Fajar station for its next destination. When the LRT train leaves, the video pans to the left and ends, leaving no subtitles or context as why the video was taken in the first place.

Based on the publication information tab below the video, the video was posted by the Straits Times on 23 March and was created by Ng Sor Luan. Amazingly, the completely enigmatic video has garnered a total of 57,467 views at the time that this article was published, making it one of the top trending videos in YouTube SG.

As of publication time, the video was the #2 most trending video in YouTube’s local rankings in Singapore.

Netizens who saw the video expressed confusion and amazement over how this video gathered enough views to become a “trending” video.

One netizen wrote: “strait times why you film random shit”

Another netizen, who had even less patience for ST’s “random shit”, wrote: “Proof that straight times can literally post a 10 second video of shit and still get trending.”

What do you think?

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