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The Singapore Police has warned of yet another scam involving personal particulars and online phones. This time, the police have said that there have been several reports of people incurring charges to their mobile phone bills, after providing confidential information to strangers over Facebook.

The scammers work this time by setting up accounts closely resembling that of the victim’s friend, and then sending friend request on the social media platform. Once they have become friends, the scammers will ask for victim’s mobile phone number and service provider. The scammers will then use this information to purchase online gaming credits or online gift cards, where the charges are relayed to victim’s mobile phone bills.

Police advice that in such situation, never to share personal information with others online, and any fraudulent charges on the mobile phone bills are to be reported to the police immediately. In this technology age, scammers are getting more and more innovative to scam potential victims We should always remain vigilant.


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