Residents at the 50 storey high [email protected] in Tanjong Pagar were left gasping for air and in anger yesterday after some of them were made to climb up 20 storeys or more after lifts broke down twice in the span of a day.

According to a resident, she had to carry her 4 year-old child down 19 flights of stairs at Block 1E to the 26 storey where there was a connection to another block with working lifts.

Another old man in his 70s had to make his way down the entire block slowly with his cane.

Each block in the estate is serviced by 5 lifts. From about 9.10AM to 10AM and 5.30PM to 7.15PM, residents at Block 1E were left without any lifts to use.

Tanjong Pagar Town Council says the lift operations were affected as a workers took 45 minutes to get a generator up and running to replace the main power supply from 9AM to 6PM, which was shutdown for maintenance. The same thing happened in the evening as the workers again had to shut down the block’s power source and reconnect it to the main supply.

The town council says that it had to replace Block 1E’s circuit breaker, which was in critical condition and had to be replaced before a power failure occurred.

Some residents have reported that similar breakdowns have taken place in Block 1D 2 months ago.

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