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Yet another case of a parallel car importer upping sticks and disappearing, with customers money and cars nowhere to be seen. This time round, the firm Royal Automotive, which used to operate out at Woodlands Close, have closed dowm, leaving 13 customers thousands of dollars poorer, and no car to show for it.

The company apparently owed a total of $600,000 to customers, but its showroom have been vacated, and even its social media accounts discontinued. The company’s director and staff have been uncontactable for the past two months. The same car dealership made the headlines in November last year, when its former sales representative, Chua Peng Jun, 23, was charged in court with misappropriating $414,564. The company’s director, Mr Syed Khairil, was then quoted that the company would try its best to fulfill all its orders.

Seems like they could not make it, with the director and his staff all missing now. Police reports have been made, and the authorities are investigating, but for the buyers, it is a case of hard earned money gone down the drain. Possibly with the money gone, most of them could also say goodbye to owning a new car. Not much can be done to claim back their lost money, but can more be done for customers stuck in such a dilemma? How can you trust car dealers now, as this is an industry where you pay thousands first before you actually see the product you are actually purchasing.

Anthony C

A.S.S. Contributor

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