Today we hire a Filipino maid from Katong Shopping Centre (will not be revealing the agency name). In my family, there is my Grandma, Elder Brother (x2), Younger Sister and Mother and my Father and including me.

As we get home, soon i help the maid luggage, immediately my grandma sets a several rules. I was shocked to listen some the rules. The rules were:

-She must not eat with us, she must on the living room floor.
– Her sleeping area is at the side of the living room with out pet cat.
-She must only speak to her family once a month.
-She can eat anything she wants, she can do anything she want in this house but not touching her phones.
-Her off day is once a month.
-When our family goes for holiday, the maid must stay at home.

As a 19 year old guy studying in a JC; feels disgusted to listen to this. Should i report this to police or her agency.

Even my younger sister and my brothers boss her around, today sweeping; they purposely littered the floor.

What kind of family is this!!

This might be another potential abuse.

I’m baffled as what to do now.

A.S.S. Contributor

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