A woman was brutally punched and threatened with grievous hurt after a GrabTaxi driver went crazy over getting stuck at a traffic jam nearby Bedok Reservoir Road.

According to a netizen, who claims to be the female victim’s brother, he said the incident happened on the 25 March at about 1.55PM.

His sister had booked a GrabTaxi driver, Tan Soon Hian, Transcab Renault at 1.27PM. After picking them up, the driver got into a traffic jam near Bedok Reservoir Road and began to show signs of uncontrolled anger. When he started to hurl vulgarities at the netizen’s sister and family, the sister asked the taxi driver why he had accepted their booking (Grab can choose and accept riders by their destination).

This drove the taxi driver crazy and he punched the woman on her right neck and arm, grabbing her hand tightly and demanding that she pay and get off his taxi immediately. This happened just 1 bus stop away from their destination.

Helpless against the taxi driver’s crazed bout of violence, the women quickly paid $15 even though their fare was $13.23 and ran off. They later lodged a police report against the bullying taxi driver.

The netizen says that he wants to warn others about this taxi driver’s behavior because even if he is suspended from Grab, he can still pick up passengers through TransCab.

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