Dear Editors,

I am seriously losing my patience and temper with how transport providers
treat us customers during Qing Ming periods!

1. Want go to the cemetery to pray our ancestors, tried booking through
Comfort app, GrabTaxi and GrabCar, put the address of the cementry and nobody
wanted to accept my booking. Tried to change address to Teen Challenge (Which
is nearby to the cemetery) so when the driver accept it can ask him/her to
divert to the graveyard instead. A taxi driver accepted my job, when down,
taxi there, then cancelled my booking upon seeing all our prayer items, I
confronted the driver and he threaten to charge my booking fee and his his
meter fare out from the cemetery if he didn’t get any fare out or stuck in
the massive jam. He even want to “chop me” by telling me to pay him $35 per
hour if he pick us up for our prayers. I slammed his door and cancelled the
booking, even call grab and Comfort to complain this driver.

2. Tried uber, same thing, driver see us with all the prayer items, cancelled
our booking upon reaching and even ask me to charter his friend’s Mercedes
Vito Taxi!

3. Got no choice so went to the roadside to try flagging for a cab, as usual,
all the regular taxis ignored us! Then came a Maxicab, a Mercedes Vito,
stopped and we sigh to the relief! However, the Maxicab driver says he is not
going by meter and wanted to charge me hourly rate of $50 before he send us
there, through our prayers and back home. Hello, we only got 4 people so why
we have to pay so much to travel?

4. In case you are wondering why we didn’t charter a mini van from transport
companies is because they are charging up to $55 per hour for up to a 13
seater and require me to take at least 3 hours! And for every 15 minutes of
delay, I have to pay $10! That’s daylight robbery!

5. Grabhitch and RYDE Drivers didn’t want to take us either! No response from
them! We only manage to get there when a Bangla driving a company’s mini van
offered to take us there for $15/ way, subsequent transfer at &10/way and
even told us to call him when we are ready as he lives in a dormitory nearby!
Thank god man!

Dear Editors, I want to share this post as I want to show others how shameful
and money minded and choosy our taxi, uber and grab drivers are, they have
always complain no business but when we have an annual affair like this,
there are not willing to be understanding and always think they are our
slaves! They are making lots of money in a month and why are they so
unwilling to lose out or earn lesser a little just for this one out of 12
months, then for what they drive or even come to the transport line? If these
drivers and companies want to be so money minded, then they only have got
themselves to blame for bad business! Have you all ever wondered why so many
people are driving to do their praying these years? Because many were
frustrated with such attitudes of these money minded scums and they would
borrow a car from friends or Neighbours or go for hourly car rental scheme!
$8 per hour for a car with petrol provided is really a good deal! For $48 I
can use the car for 6 hours and this has gained good market share!

My message to all these transport providers out there will be if they can
only think of making money all the time to please themselves, then they will
be gone too soon. There own greed has caused inconvenience to us consumers!

Please share this editors. Thanks

A.S.S. Contributor

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