Dear A.S.S. Editor

A simple sorry would have suffice. We were taught by our parents and in school from a young age that if we did something wrong, we have to say sorry. Saying sorry is the first thing we do when we make a mistake. Whether one learn from their mistake is another matter but most importantly, we would apologised and only guilty people will start behaving defensively and blame the other party.

I was at Marina Bay floating platform with my 2 kids; 1 year old and 4 years old. We were at the exhibition Art Zoo and it became an ugly and traumatising episode for my kids for a moment, especially the 1 year old. Both my kids love to run and I am usually around them to ensure that they don’t cause inconvenience to others. It was drizzling and crowded at certain areas and we have just came out of the giraffe maze and was standing near the exit point, looking around to see which exhibit to go next when suddenly this Chinese lady, carrying her child on one hand and dragging another, just barged through us and knocked down my 1 year old. She continued on her way like nothing is wrong so I said out loud, ‘what are you blind?’. She heard me and turned around and she started shouting at us. She said that I should look after my own children and she has 2 kids.

My 1 year old started crying, not because he was pushed and fell but because she was shouting at him and he was afraid. I told her that I have 2 kids too but that doesn’t give you the right to bulldoze into anyone else’s kids and ignoring it. I quickly scooped up my kids and left because I don’t want to expose my kids to such traumatic experience any longer.

Kids will be kids and we cannot restraint them so much especially when they are there to have fun. The thing is, accidents are bound to happen. If your kids bumped into people or people bumped onto your kids, a simple sorry would have suffice. If you bumped into a kid and it was an accident, just say sorry. That’s all. You don’t turn around and blame the kid for standing there. You don’t get to blame the parents for not taking ‘care’ of the kids. And you simply shouldn’t behave like a hooligan and start shouting at kids like a maniac.

I hope her children doesn’t see her action as the right thing to do and copy her in future.

Furious Parent

A.S.S. Contributor

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