I send my little one to her playgroup class as per normal on Friday . When picking her up I realised that little one was not like her usual behaviour so i asked her why the next moment when i looked at her eyes directly it was red and there was a wound near it, as I was still at the school i asked the teacher what makes my little one eye with a wound. They answered they dont know. And when telling her teacher how come she claims she dont know another teacher came out asking why that teacher then says we cant keep a look out as we are to take care of 15 students a day.

What an excuse. Reaching home wife saw it and demand to look at the school cctv on this coming monday. We are going to the school for an explanation.Photos were also taken the moment i saw my little one eyes in that state. We are lucky as the injury did not goes directly to her eyes balls. What makes me angry is the way the teachers handles this situation.

The school is PCF Sparkletots Ayer Rajah.Children are children if they gets injured while playing with friends or they injured themself while playing i can still tolerate it but the way the teachers spoke to me with a rude remarks and comment when i asked what happened was unacceptable.

Angry Parent
A.S.S. Contributor

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