Dear Editors,

I am seriously peeved with difficulties going to the cemetery or temple area during Ching Ming Festival! Taxis, uber, grab, Grabhitch and RYDE drivers all refuse to take my booking! Reason being, we are carrying too many things, but it’s an annual event so what’s the big fuss? We all want to travel cheap and good also!

Worse of all, when I called transport companies to charter a van, they require me to do on hourly charter basis quoting me $45 per hour just for a 10 seater van and I am required to take for 3 hours! Any additional 15 minutes would mean $10 extra! Oh my god! Why are people so money minded? Am I suppose to pay $135 just to take transport to pray?

I suggest RYDE, grab, uber and taxi companies penalize drivers who don’t want to take passengers to praying areas, it’s caused a great inconvenience to us! Perhaps I should now either borrow a car from friends and/or relatives or use hourly car rental scheme for ch Ming festival.

As for grab, can you please launch a special bus service for people like us to book seats to such prayer areas? We don’t mind paying $3 – $5 per ride to go there, I am sure many people will use it too as it provides greater covenience to people. It can also prevent jams as that would mean lesser people driving to pray! We do want to do our praying during the wee hours of dawn.

Suggest SWAT and bus sharing companies come out with such pre booked rides for chng Ming festivals too.

Editors, please share this, I want to gather as many comments as possible so that I can write into the relevant agencies and get this going.

Frustrated Rider
A.S.S Contributor

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