The much talk about coming 30% water price hike generated a lot of interest from public. Browsing through online media, what you can see a sea of negative feedbacks from netizens. Even the pro pap supporters are not pro about this hike as this also impacts them. Then we have a poll from Reach saying that 56% does not object to water price hike. So I decided to walk about my estate talking to people at hawker centres, coffee shops and lobbies.

To my shock, 100% do not seem comfortable with this hike with a few pro PAP supporters indicated “Bo Pian”. The foreigners which include PRs and new citizens also against this potential hike because it will make them pay a lot more for things. So my question is, who are the 56% who are agreeable to this water price hike?

We also had survey from PTC claiming 94% are satisfied with public transport, we also had SMRT own survey saying reliability has improved enormously. But from ground sentiments, people just don’t feel it, they are rather skeptical, especially 94% is super high.

We also had a survey talking Singaporeans want a minority EP. As long as I remember, many of my friends said they don’t care who becomes the EP as long as it is not another KFC. This is the infamous thought that is widely propagated in public. We also did not know how this survey came about after Dr TCB indicated he would be contesting.

Recently, I have RC members approaching parents to talk about Pioneer Generation. It looks like PG will have a new sequel for GE 2020, many pioneers not included in the first phase will be included. Since my parents aren’t in, I asked them to tell me the agenda. Strangely, they refused to tell me the agenda. I told them if you tell me the agenda, I will inform my parents and they can arrange a time to meet you. They did not say and left. The second time, they came again and my parents were still not in, I asked them for their agenda and they still refused to tell me and left. The third time, they came again, I asked the same question, they still refused to share and indicated they can come back late at night. My friends, Pioneer Generation is top secret program?

This is what I think, to prepare for the next GE, since the success of Pioneer Generation, they will include more seniors which are left out in the first run. Seniors are good target to convert their votes, so they decided to send out all the RC members to go brainwash these ”senile citizens”. Pioneer Generation is a great marketing exercise, but most of us know they are many layers of restriction and limitations and benefits being creamed off frequently to reduce the cost to the govt. The reason to why they refused to share the agenda with me is clear, they know young people are internet savvy, they know whats happening and will quickly seize up the exercise. While “senile citizens” which have enjoyed most part of their lives are easily brainwashed with personal talk and brainwashing. This accounts to why these RC members are willing to come back late at night to brainwash these “senile citizens.

So after shutting down many alternative media and restricting content, they nearly become the only source of “trusted media”. And now you see all sort of nonsensical surveys, statistics and reports generated for citizens to “read the right things”. We are now degenerating to the likes of China and North Korea, where state papers, media and analysts shape the thinking of the sheeps.

You tell me who is the real winner of propaganda and fake news?

DuGu QiuBai

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