Yishun is in the news again, but netizens staying in the district are not the least bit happy about it.

American online streaming media company Netflix has produced a promotional video for its horror series, Stranger Things. In the 11 second video, a still of a Yishun MRT station sign appears on screen, with a dark, shadowy and eerie color scheme to match. According to regular viewers of the show, the dark coloring for the scene suggests that this version of Yishun is set in the Upside Down realm, a monster filled, spore-filled parallel dimension which houses “The Monster”, also known as Demogorgon.

The caption in video reads: “Is Yishun cursed, simply unlucky or struck by something stranger?”

Yishun has been in the limelight in recent weeks due to the large number of shocking occurrences taking place in the estate. These incidents range from murders to cat killings and other inexplicably shocking crimes.

According to online sources, the Upside Down realm has been described as:

“The Upside Down is a dimension existing in parallel to the dimension inhabited by humans. The Upside Down contains the same locations and infrastructure, but it is much darker, colder and foggier; it is overgrown with ropy, root-like tendrils and webs of biological matter which cover practically every surface, with spores floating in the air. The Monster is native to this dimension.”

Stranger Things will be returning for its second season on Halloween this year.

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