“There have been some posts questioning the motivations of grassroots volunteers. We would like to place on record our deep appreciation to volunteers who, out of the willingness of their heart, selflessly give of their time, talent and resources to help our residents and the less fortunate amongst us, building up a sense of neighbourliness and care for one another, all to strengthen the community spirit, and not expecting anything in return.

Standing as exemplary men and women, we are indebted to all grassroots volunteers for having stood fast in their selfless dedication to tirelessly forge a cohesive nation.”

Responding to PA’s firm defense of its grassroots volunteers, some have taken issue with the way Opposition party The Workers Party took aim at the volunteers who sacrificed their personal time and resources to help residents out. They felt it was unfair towards the men and women doing a tiring and thankless job.

Ms Julie Chin commented:

“Those who insult the grassroots volunteers obviously are the type who are way too lazy and selfish to even lift a finger to help the community.

These volunteers spend so much of their time away from family and sometimes taking time off work to reach out and help the residents. Selfless acts that are sometimes unappreciated until you actually need them.

Workers Party, ELECTED into Parliament supposedly to ‘speak up’ for the people are showing their LOW class by insulting these volunteers, who are our friends and neighbours, by their insinuations of less than genuine and altruistic motives of these volunteers. Shame on you WP! Shame on you!”

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