Rabbit rescuers Bunny Wonderland discovered not 1 but 2 abandoned bunnies in a day while attending to a case at West Coast Park.

The rescuers were in the middle of their rescue operation at West Coast Park when they received word of another abandoned rabbit at 342A Yishun Ring Road. One resident had found the rabbit, who has since been named Frosty by volunteers, abandoned by the side of a 2nd floor rubbish chute.

The owner had even left a plastic tub with newspaper and a “sad-looking doll”. There were pieces of carrots for Frosty to munch on, but nothing else.

The rabbit was brought to The Animal Doctors where doctors confirmed that the young rabbit was an unsterilized male rabbit no older than 1 year old. He was poorly groomed, but in decent overall health.

The activists at Bunny Wonderland have reported the case to the AVA (Case Number: AVA-17-020932).

Abandonment is a punishable offence under the Animals and Birds Act. Those found guilty of cruelty to animals, which includes abandonment, may face up to 18 months jail, a fine of up to $15,000 or both.

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