Hardwarezone forum user xplayer shared that his China-born colleagues allegedly told him in order to game the Singapore system and get the most out of it, only one of them needed to become a new citizen while the other could just be a Singapore Permanent Resident. This way, they get to enjoy the full benefits of the Singapore system yet allow their child to avoid NS.

If the situation turns sour in Singapore, they can still pack up and return to China since one of them was still a PRC citizen. However, this arrangement isn’t new and our Malaysian foreign workforce has been using this tactic to game the Singapore system too.

Should foreigners be blamed for gaming the system or should Singaporeans criticise the Govt’s policies instead? After all if you were a foreign talent in a foreign land, you would game the system and milk it too right?

“PRC collick couple say 1 become citizen , the other only PR , lidat can game the singapore system!

can get all the benefits of singapore citizenship liao. no need to convert both to citizen. if anything just pack up and go home since one of them still is china citizen.

even son can choose remain in china citizen, no need serve NS.. song bo singkie?”

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