A netizen shared a conversation between 2 Caucasian international school students he overheard while riding on the bus.

Read his account here.

“*girl A shows girl B her phone*

Girl A: “Look! Gerald (or was it Jeremy?) lives in such a huge home!”

Girl B (the hotter and louder one): “Yea, his folks are rich.”

Girl A: “Yea I know.”

Girl B: “Here’s how to be rich, if you are good at something, run your own business. That way your talents ain’t going to be making anyone else richer but yourself.”

*girl A said something inaudibly fast and girl B interrupted”

Girl B: “But if you suck big time, go work for someone. That way you play it safe.”

Girl A: “Yea I’ve always dreamed of working in computer animation.”

*girl B interrupts again*

Girl B: “Right. But if you suck but wish to earn loads of cash, go get a college degree. Or a masters. That way you will have more right to rip-off employers with your mediocrity.”

Girl A giggled. So did I.

They turned back. I looked down.”

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