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Another bike sharing app has hit the Singaporean market, the third such app to appear here in this year alone. Mobike was launched yesterday, following on from the Chinese-owned ofo, and oBike, a Singapore venture. And similar to this other two bike sharing app, Mobike, another Chine owned company, uses a dockless bike-share system and users can unlock its bicycles by scanning a QR code on it.

For someone who wants to use a Mobike, the user has to pay $1 for every 30 minutes of use, and when a rider reaches his destination, he simply has to park the bike and secure the smart lock. Each bicycle comes with a proprietary “smart lock” containing GPS technology, which allows the company to locate and track the position of each bicycle.

Now, the question is where these bikes can be parked. Some town councils have already said that public bicycle racks are not to be used for commercial purposes, even though the companies have said that their business is for the benefit of users. Actually, this is more for the benefit of the companies, isn’t it? No need to pay any rental space for their bikes, that’s why can charge low cost for use of the bikes. Because, at the end of the day, any money that comes in in the rental of the bikes, those are just profits.

But, in Singapore, if something is not done for profit, then it would not sound right, true? We are a profit driven society, where money matters, and all other things like community service, are put to one side.

Isa H

A.S.S. Contributor

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