Dear A.S.S. Editor

Wah, is this true? Healthway Medical Corp is facing huge financial difficulties that they even had to tell patients that they are running out of medication, and tell them to take their prescriptions to pharmacies because the firm had not been able to place orders fast enough?

For those patients who are not urgent cases, they have been told to return another day to collect their medicines. The The Straits Times had reported that its checks showed that no doctors turned up for work at several of its family clinics on Monday last week, because certain anchor doctors fell ill and no locum ones could be found to take their place. Some replacement doctors and staff are also owed salary by the company.

This is really serious. Healthway Medical Group is a well known group of clinic, and they run Singapore’s largest network of private medical centres and clinics. If even they could not face up to the financial crunch, then what hope are there for other private clinics?

Ken Low

A.S.S. Contributor

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