Hi, this is Raymond representing Fineline Design Pte Ltd. Please help us to share, this con man is still cheating around. Hope you can help us to educate ID firms and home owners, many thanks.

To All ID Firms/Dream Home Seekers,

We would like to warn the public with regards to the following guy Mr Lum Yew Khuin(a.k.a Eric Lum who is currently in his forties). The Police have reviewed and we noted that this serial ‘con man’ have been
associated with a number of similar scams with different ID firms, their staffs, suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors and unfortunately the customers. He was recently employed under our firm since Nov 2016, and during his stint here, he had been discreetly borrowing money from fellow colleagues and workers alike in the context that his feeble old mother is in the hospital and required immediate medical treatment.
Suspicion arose when he started giving excuses for not showing up at work, and missed important appointments with customers. We also made multiple calls to him, but he remained uncontactable to our calls. It was only when we made a visit to his registered address to check on his well-being, that we found out that Eric Lum had sold the unit years ago. The current owner also informed us that there had been a number of unknown visitors that came knocking and looking for this same person named Eric Lum.

After further investigations, we found out that he was also employed by another ID firm whilst being under Fineline Design’s employment. He had been using the same tactics to con customers and absconded with the deposit, from the basis that he can get cheaper material elsewhere thus for the cash/cheque payment to be made to his name directly. His line is currently still available and it seems like he still can be
contacted via his mobile (HP : 8543 3132). Therefore we have reasons to believe that he might still be under the employment with other ID firms who are still in the dark, and possible individual home owners that might be still dealing with him.

After serious consideration, we decided that it is only appropriate that we share this unfortunate incident to warn the public against him. We have lodged a police report as well and it is currently under investigation. We would also to take this opportunity to inform all home owners out there to never ever issue any cash or cheque payment payable directly to any Sales Designer (be it with Fineline Design or with any other ID Firms). The only way to protect and safe guard your interest is to strictly issue cheque payment payable directly to the Company’s name. Please verify and check through all terms and conditions thoroughly when signing the contract as there will always be important information on the appropriate payment method and procedure.

Lastly, please be informed that Eric Lum is no longer a staff associated with Fineline Design. For affected customers, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and will work towards completing your project. Please note that as this case is already under police investigation, we shall not make further comment after this post. Thank you for sharing.

Fineline Design Pte Ltd

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