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It troubles me to inform you that the upcoming Power Rangers movie features the evil gay agenda.

The character of Trini, played by actress Becky G, has been reported to be a lesbian who is struggling with acceptance in society (Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/power-rangers-gay-character-storyline-yellow-ranger-plot-explained-987236)

Director Dean Israelite called it a ‘pivotal moment’ in the film. So we can safely conclude that the new Power Rangers movie revolves around the gay agenda.

This makes Power Rangers the first superhero movie to feature a gay lead character.

In the original 1990s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series, the character of Trini was not a lesbian and there were no LGBTs in the show.

This shows that Hollywood is once again showing a middle finger to Christians all over the world as it tries to promote the gay lifestyle to our children. I feel that it is very offensive and insensitive to religious people to promote the gay agenda in every children’s movie these days. Children should not be encouraged to be gay; they should be encouraged to uphold moral values. It is irresponsible and crazy to destroy the fundamental unit of our society which is the family just to teach children about sexual fetishes like homosexuality. The biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah should be remembered and not dismissed so callously.

It worries me that movies these days are being given the parental guidance rating despite featuring the evil gay agenda. In my opinion, movies such as these should not be mixed together with family friendly movies. I would like to warn Christians to avoid this upcoming movie. It was already enough that Beauty and the Beast featured a gay character.

Now once again, we have another movie that seeks to teach our children to accept homosexuals as rolemodels. It is frustrating to see good children’s movies being turned into promotional material for the gay agenda. It seems like Hollywood’s goal these days is to promote diversity at all costs. They should stop it already. We already get it that LGBTs exist. It is sickening to see gays featured everywhere, be it movies, TV shows, cartoons, children’s storybooks, video games, etc.

LGBTs are a tiny minority in any society and should not be pandered to all the time. There is no need to have gay representation in everything. A majority of us do not care about the ‘struggles’ gays face. Everyone has difficulties in life, so there are certainly other important social issues that movies can feature. Religious people are also important and our views ought to be respected too.

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