Children affected by “gay scene” in Beauty & The Beast?

We brought our two boys, 11 & 15, to watch the movie on Saturday, without telling them anything about the “gay scene”.

Later, we asked them if they found anything peculiar about the movie. They said not really.

We asked if they knew there was a “gay scene” in it.

They were both surprised.

“There was a gay scene in the movie? Where? Which part?” they asked.

We told them to guess.

One asked if it was the scene where the wardrobe dressed up the “3 musketeers” in women’s clothes. (This is not the “gay scene”.)
That was about the only thing which came to their minds.

When we revealed that it was the part where Lefou sang about his admiration for Gaston, the boys were like, “Huh? That part gay meh?”

Ok, that part is not actually the so-called “gay scene” or “gay moment”. You go watch it and see if you can spot the scene in question. (You will have a hard time doing so, promise!)

Sometimes, adults who should know better and and who should be fostering better understandings of such things are themselves ignorant but act as if they are wise just because they sit on some official or grand-sounding “council” issuing statements propagating ignorance and false fears.

Dont take my word for it. Bring your kids to watch the movie and decide for yourself.

The NCCS is really creating a hullaballoo over nothing.

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