Dear Editors,

I am seriously peeved by the number of grab and uber cars pumping petrol at JB. The authorities should put a ban and check their fuel tanks to ensure that they have the required or in fact, full tank before exiting Singapore, there are just too many of these private hire cars using the customs daily just to pump petrol and this causes massive delay! Businessman like me always have to endure hours of jam just because of all these people.

Since private hire drivers are known to earn $6k monthly, that’s good income, so why are they still going in to JB to pump petrol? So much of them calling passengers cheapos or cheapskates, but aren’t they one of them?

If they find private hire cars is not doing well or earning a good living, they should just quit rather than using this as an opportunity to have a “free” car! The authorities should tackle this problem before it’s too late!

The car population in Singapore is increasing and accost ya and breakdowns are happening everyday, this is a very serious problem! We do not want our roads to be over congested!’

A.S.S. Contributor

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