Dear A.S.S. Editor

This is why the WP is so much more a party for the people who are in touch with the ground, rather than the elites over at the whites, who are only ever concerned about making money above all else. The recent flyer doing the rounds for a resident’s committee in Fengshan is prove of that.

After the flyer got public, what with grammatical errors and sweeteners for potential members, WP had a light-hearted response to them. Just take a look at the flyer, and you will agree that WP is the winner in this saga. They have come up with an online advertisement of their own, and called for volunteers and listed the benefits that the flyer had noted, and categorically stated that the WP does not offer the same advantages. “We do offer: occasional free meals (leftover from events), free exercise from carrying chairs and tables, eternal love and gratitude,” the tongue-in-cheek WP ad added.

The WP flyer also came with the same grammatical errors. The WP flyer is an altogether more light hearted take on this sorry episode. Bet the PA and the whites cannot match them in this.

Paul Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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