Hi I am a year 6 from an IPJC. My grades are slightly above average in the JC. Yesterday, while having lunch with my father, I brought up the topic about my university choices. I told him even if I get straights As and distinction in my H3 math I will still go NUS. My father called me stupid and I explained to him that many of my RI friends I know who got close to straights As still went NUS.

Furthermore, my grandfather is in his late 70s and I would wish to spend every week with him. Can anyone who had the oppoetunity to study in the elite Universities like Cambridge or Harvard but still chose to study in the local universities give me some advice on this. I mean, even if the students in RI choose the local Us over the foreign ones then surely I do not have a reason to go overseas to study?

I really wish to just study locally because I know the students in the local universities can challenge me enough and I strongly believe an NUS degree is comparable to that of Cambridge or Harvard. After all, it is less of the schools ranking but more of how well you do in the school. Thanks for reading and taking time to give advice !!

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