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AVA is at is again! Just a month after the Sin Ming chickens was culled that angered many Singaporeans, AVA went ahead and culled some free roaming chickens in the Pasir Ris area. AVA claimed, as they will, that these chickens could pose a threat to public health in the event that bird flu is brought here by migratory birds.

Residents near the culling area, at the Sungei Api Api area claimed that there used to be more than 10 chickens around the area, but now only a scattered 2 or 3 remained. Expect these 2 or 3 to be culled soon too. AVA said it has been receiving feedback about the “growing free-roaming chicken population” since January last year, although they declined to say exactly how many complaints were received, or indeed, if the complaints come from the same group of people.

Upset residents are up in arms about the fact that AVA never consulted them or worked with them in the decision to cull the chickens. As usual, AVA does not share its plans and just freely cull animals, and come up with some lame or standard excuses afterwards. What’s new?


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