Dear A.S.S. Editor

I bought a pair of used Diadora Badminton shoes recently. According to the seller, the shoes have been worn only a few times.

So naturally, I thought that the shoes would be in a good condition. Some more, the guy was selling it at $9 only. Good deal right? Deal agreed, I took a bus down to go collect the shoes, and pay the fella $9. After all settled, I headed home, happy at my relatively cheap purchase. I decided to wash the shoes, you know, used shoes, even a few times, must need to be cleaned.

To my horror, the shoes just disintegrated! I didn’t even had the chance to wear them! Informed the seller that the shoe disintegrated, and he replied that the glue might have worn off, due to the shoes being kept unused for a long time! Seller should have told me that, if I know unused for a long time, then I wouldn’t have buy. Waste my money buying the shoe, and also have to pay transport fares to get the shoe, and now glue to glue the shoe together again. Not a good deal at all!

AB Ham

A.S.S. Contributor

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