Good day to you !

I am writing to you seeking help on a lost mobile phone, considering the vast audience “All Singapore stuff” has as one of the most popular local news outlet.

The phone itself isn’t of much value, new phone only 100$+ , but there are thousands of photos and videos of my little girl accumulated from her birth till today. The phone actually belongs to my father in law who is in his late 50s, mobile data backup isn’t in his book, the mobile wasn’t even subscribed to any carrier service and is used literally as a camera.

He lost the phone this morning (19/Mar/2017) at yishun area, presumably block 297 or its vicinity. Since the phone is lost, father in law is very upset and mad at himself for his carelessness, even skipped lunch. We already backtracked the route he took this morning and combed the nearby area, but didn’t find the phone. So here i am asking a favor from ASS subscribers or anyone you know who found a lost phone today, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you so much. As a mark of gratitude, whoever found the phone and return it will receive 100$ reward. Those photos are really really important to us!

The description of the phone: smartphone, big screen 6-7 inch, white color in a transparent plastic case, the wallpaper is a little girl’s picture.

Thank you again.

A.S.S. Contributor

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