Dear Editors,

I am a ex staff from a well known childcare. I would like to share my 5 years experience in that industry as a teacher. I also worked in another childcare centre for 1 year. I really feel that nowdays some principal’s/supervisors are really a sadist they don’t have the PR skill.

We are entitled for ALs but when we want to take, we will have to beg the principals or even then they ask too many personal questions and make us cry and beg. Or even best wait till last min give us mental stress and than approve the AL. Some teachers are even do scared to take AL or MC because of their princpals. We need a break too, we want to go holidays once in awhile too.

And when we take mc we are being judged for that and even sometimes they say that we are lying. Are we not human beings and don’t we have a family too. Why are we being treated in such way? When you argue you are black listed and they make your life miserable.

As for lunchtime we are not able to go out even after we request, we haveto answer their questions like, why, where and for what. We are working so much even saturdays getting paid less and treated horribly. Its more like a jail rather than a work place. Some Princpals are really interfering in the staffs’ personal life. But those principal are never perfect too.

They dont follow rules and when we tell our higher management nothing happens and they turn a blind eye. When we are being reprimanded, it is being done in front of other staffs. I pretty much would like to warn anyone that’s joining this industry to read and learn from my experience and think twice before joining if you don’t want to be treated like a slave due to workplace politics and heavy favoritism.

It is very unfair being treated like this and there’s no LAW to protect us. It’s like we are stuck just because of our rice bowls.

A.S.S. Contributor

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