Activists supporting the welfare of foreign domestic workers say they will pursue legal action on behalf of a maid who had her belongings thrown away and damaged by her employers.

According to Jolovan Wham, an activist campaigning for the welfare of foreign workers in Singapore, the maid’s employers had thrown away her belongings and broke one of her luggage. The maid discovered over 20 items missing, including bank and ATM cards. These resulted from a quarrel between the maid and the employers.

Activists lodged a report with the police against the employers, but police investigations are pending. They also demanded compensation from the employers, but were rejected by the employers outright.

Jolovan wrote: “When we called the employer’s husband to ask for compensation, he brushed us off. He has cancelled her work permit and wants to send her home quickly. But the worker is not going to allow that and neither are we! We are going to take legal action against them. Don’t think you can bully migrant domestic workers so easily!”

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