Looking for : SKR 9083 B (Mitsubishi model)

Please help to share this post so that the rightful owner of his Mitsubishi Delica gets his key back. On Tuesday 14 March between 1500-1700 hours at a car wash at Giant Southern City, Johor Bahru, my friend Shaik Mohamed Muzhaffar had his car key misplaced into another vehicle bearing registration number SKR 9083 B, another Mitsubishi model. Keys were accidentally misplaced by the car wash staff.

Kindly help to share and viral this post so that we can trace the other vehicle SKR 9083 B and if found, please contact me at 93296689 or Shaik at 87148197 if the other car is traced.

Thank you all for taking time to read and share and may the power of social media be of great help to others in need.

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