Dear Admin,

I am going to graduate in 2 years time from a local university and I am still undecided what to do with my future. I just read this case of a teacher that was cheated of $830K in cash by a property agent because she signed 4 blank cheques for the agent to process the purchase of her house.

I mean she’s not very smart. Where got people sign blank cheque one? Anyway, I was wondering if I should be a teacher since she not very smart also can earn and save quite a lot. How many people have $830K in cash. Cuz I am very average in my class. Go private sector is most likely just be those foot soldiers. How much do teachers earn in Singapore? I don’t mind a tough working life as long as I can earn enough to pay for my holidays and shopping and still get to save some money. I cannot imagine working for a low pay in Singapore, especially after studying until university.

ASS Reader

Dear Jocelyn,

If you don’t already know how to do some Google search, teachers in Singapore are the highest paid in the world! They are paid an average of $65K per annum or about $5500 per month. The Ministry of Education employ teachers at a starting salary of about $3300/month, but got bonus, allowances, gratuity etc, so end up the pay is more. Those who climb up the ranks to Head of Department or upwards easily earn close to $10K per month or more.

Just make sure when you turn up for the MOE interview, you tell them you like working with youths, teaching is passion, you believe children are the future, how teachers need to be more engaging now, cannot like last time one way communication etc etc. Next time if u decide to quit, still can be tuition teacher! Pay not bad also!

ASS Humpalang Career Advisers

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