Breastfeeding mothers should be free to breastfeed their children any time, any where, says a reader who goes by the name Mrs Ma De Nai.

She says she was inspired by Cheryl Lee’s post about her experience breastfeeding in public, which was photographed by a passerby and uploaded on the internet. When asked simply what she thought of being exposed online, she said, “It’s just a breast.”

Mrs Ma says that allowing public breastfeeding would allow mothers to avoid spending unnecessary costs on “expensive and cumbersome breastfeeding products like breast pumps, collection bags/bottles, cooler, nipple shield, nursing pads, daytime nursing bras, nursing pillows, nursing covers/scarfs.”

She added that this would free up queues for nursing rooms.

She wrote: “We should not “really care what others think”! Let’s all be bold, go bra-less and whip out our supple tits for our precious babies to suck whenever they are hungry, regardless of the location (private or public space) and the sensitivities of people around us (conservative/religious).”

What do you think?

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