Wow what’s up with the national council of churches deciding that homosexuality was not normal? I’m sorry but not everyone is drinking the cool aid.

Just because you think that a virgin Jewish woman who got pregnant only for her child to die and be resurrected is normal doesn’t mean we do.
LGBT persons have existed long before your religious fandom was even written. Dont try to impose your hetronormative narrow minded prudish worldview on the rest of us.

What is not normal is the churches weird obsession with how people are allowed to love.

Wanna know what the gay agenda is? Its equality duh.

The LGBT community insidious plan is to have the right to love who they want as consenting adults.
How high and mighty the church must feel kicking and screaming bloody murder to prevent LGBT persons from having the right to love.

Is this how weak your religion is? What benefit and joy does the church get from knocking people who are already marginalized .

At what point will you guys realise you aren’t the good guys?

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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