43 year-old Sukanya Praphuttha, a Thai national with permanent residence in Singapore, was sentenced to 5½ years’ jail after stomping her Singaporean boyfriend to death.

The Thai woman had gotten in a quarrel with her 55 year-old handyman boyfriend, Lee Yang Boo. During the fight, Praphuttha used her right foot to stomp on the left side of his head at their North Bridge Road flat. Praphuttha had been living together for 7 years, though their relationship was often marked with quarrels and physical violence.

On 28 February 2015, the couple had gone drinking with friends at a night club. They got into an argument after Mr Lee scolded Praphuttha for dancing with a male stranger. Back at home, the couple quarreled again after Mr Lee accused Praphuttha of having an intimate relationship with the stranger in the club. She placated him and put him to bed.

However, Mr Lee woke up and continued to hurl vulgarities at Praphuttha and her parents. A scuffle ensued, and Mr Lee ended up on the floor of the bedroom.

Using all her might, Praphuttha stomped on the left side of Mr Lee’s head. Mr Lee, who was 10kg lighter than Praphuttha, suffered severe skull fractures. She also hit him repeatedly on the face, body and limbs.

When she helped him back onto bed, she noticed that Mr Lee was bleeding from his left ear and had difficulty breathing. She sought help from a neighbor at 4.30AM, who called the police.

By the time Mr Lee reached Tan Tock Seng Hospital at about 6.45AM, Mr Lee had died. An autopsy confirmed that he had died from a traumatic head injury.

She was initially charged with murder but the charge was reduced to culpable homicide, which carries a maximum of 10 years’ jail.

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