The market vendors of Sungei Road Thieves Market have vowed to march from the site of the market to the Istana on 15 July if the government insists on closing the market on 11 July.

This is because the government is effectively cutting off their only source of income and denying them the ability to earn a livelihood in increasingly expensive Singapore.

Koh Ah Koon, who is the President of the Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods, declaredt hat if the government insists on disbanding the Thieves Market at Sungei Road, a number of the senior aged vendors would march from the market to the Istana to ask the government and president to give them a fair solution for the loss of their livelihood.

He added that if the government stops the first protest from taking place, there will still be another batch to demand that the government answer for its actions.

The vendors are especially angered by the indifference of the government to their pleas for an alternative plot of land to run their businesses. According to Koh, the vendors proposed 2 other locations but they have been ignored by the authorities.

In it’s most recent letter to the Association, the National Environment Agency says it would not allocate the vendors any space anywhere to run their businesses.

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