Netizen mryang on the popular Hardwarezone forums shared a user-curated list of what they thought were the Management Principles of the PAP. Starting with just five points, the list grew to a sizable 13 “management principles” of the PAP. What do you think about the list, are you able to see the PAP employing such tactics in our daily lives?

1. Reply email always arrow low ranking dimwit to reply.

2. Show face show face and take pictures like a social butterfly posting on social media

3. When thing happen tai ji 101%

4. Use big words and creating new meaning to old words

5. Ownself shafting ownself butt for shiokness… Or ownself shafting other members butt for songness

6. Always coincidence a reporter from media 154 standing by within a meters away to report when performing some good deed

7. Always be prepared to flip prata. Start with “upon further review” and shouting out of context

8. Prata flip and next by saying no blame culture

9. Cannot convince try to confuse

10.Using eye power method to think

11. divert attention to AHTC issue with big title over media 154

11. ownself check ownself

12. get one sided surveys done to support the decision, have their people to act as experts speak out for it, organize consultation/feedback session with only own people or planned supporter, implement decision regardless of feedback.

13. Using internet brigade to discredit and personal attack on the people saying the true

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