Dear ASS Editors,

I refer to your article about the 73 year old woman who was sent to prison for a $400 unpaid town council fine due to the improper placement of potted plants.

The police may have the legal right to carry out their duty, that is not in dispute but whether they needed to follow their restraining procedures and SOPs to the line is questionable.This is a defenceless old lady with a medical condition, how is she is threat to the prison officers or the police officers? Moreover, she was arrested when she wanted to make a police report. The last thing she expected was to be shackled up and thrown into lockup because of a 2 year old $400 fine.

She must have forgotten about the fine and likewise the police did not do their jobs to enforce the fine since they took 2 years to “arrest her” and only when she came to their doorstep.

Surely our public servants can work with more compassion and use basic common sense to handle the cases they deal with. Afterall our civil service is one of the best in the world with the brightest minds and scholars in it. Hiding behind your standard operating procedures as the only reason for her uncompassionate treatment of an old lady only proves the point that the public service has lost its heart.

To our public servants, use your common sense and stop following rules for the sake of it, do it only to benefit Singapore and her citizens.

A.S.S. Contributor

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