Dear Editors,

It seems NO IMPACT on passengers that evading taxi fare even though LTA says stiffer penalties for taxi fare evasion .. The reason those fare cheats might be doing what they are doing is simply because they don’t think they will get caught.

On 13.3.17 Monday at 8.35 pm , I picked up a non Chinese young man along Upper East Coast and was told to go to Bukit Batok. Upon reaching AYE Exit Farrer Road, he suddenly changed his mind and instructed me to drive him to Woodland area first before heading to Bukit Batok because he had forgotten to collect his stuff.

As I sensed amiss so when reached the destination of Admiralty Drive Blk 469B, I requested him to pay a certain amount of taxi fares but got rejected. He told me that he was intending to pay by card instead of cash and kept assuring me that he would be back soon after collecting his stuffs. Without hesitate, I told him to let me took a snapshot just in case he did not keep his promise.

This young man finally compromised but was so reluctant to keep still and facing the camera. I had no choice and quickly took a snapshot of his face. But then realised that the snapshot image was blurring. By then, he was no where to be seen. Well, waited for him downstairs for 15 mins and he did not come back ….

For god sake , if you happen to know this young man , do tell him to wait for his retribution as I strongly believe this wasn’t his first and won’t be the last time he evasion taxi fare.

A.S.S. Contributor

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