Have you ever been taken advantaged of, threatened and taunted by someone? This will be a long article but I am writing this to show how an influencer abused his “fame” in a situation involving my fiancee’s Grandmother’s 90th birthday no less.


[7th Feb 2017]

-Wife ordered cake for her grandmother’s 90th Birthday through Shiberty Bakes for her Grandmother’s 90th Birthday event on the 19th February 2017 is as stated. The order was to be ready on 18th February 2017

– Delivery will be $40.00 But not available on that day on 18th February 2017 as Shiberty Bakes has commitment on 19th February.

-Payment of $475 was made in FULL prior to order.

[18th Feb]

-Around 230pm, I arrived at the shop with my brother for collection. I had already texted the co-owner of the shop, Nicholas whom my wife was liaising with to confirm the address for collection.

(Text was exchanged at 1115hrs and replied by co-owner at 1132hrs.)

– Nicholas was not around and advised me to look for Jolanda (Staff) to pick up the cake.

-Wife was informed by co-owner, Nicholas that the cake was covered in “buttercream” and need not be refrigerated, just stored in an air–conditioned room for up to 12 hours)

-Upon receiving the order, I was stunned. You should be too if you compare both pictures as below. Before collection photos was sent by co-owner on 17th Feb at 1702hrs. Collection day photos was what I took at the cafe.)

-At this point, as a client, I requested some rectification to be done. To my utter dismay, the staff (Part time, apparently) put on a vinyl glove and started to “rectify” it by pressing against the imperfections.

-I did not expect her to just start TOUCHING THE CAKE. Any baker with background knowledge or a baker of knows that the structural integrity of a cake cannot be fixed by PRESSING IT. Moreover, buttercream is sensitive to body heat, any baker who has “Basic Food & Hygiene Handler course from WSQ/WDA” knows there are better ways to handle and present this sort of frosting

– As there were way too many issues with the whole cake, I decided to contact the owners directly. The co-owner mentioned he wasn’t around and passed his partner’s contact to me. As the conversation went back and forth. I have no solution but to leave the shop approximately after an hour.

-As a dissatisfied client, I requested for a delivery service. This is simply because I did as agreed, visited the sop to collect my cake but the cake that was presented to me WAS NOT WHAT WE AGREED ON. As such, I believed the delivery of the cake should then be the business owner’s responsibility. To my shock however, the replies from both the outstanding owners were astounding.

-I proceeded to inform my wife on the situation and got her to link up with them as she was the one whom made the order, probably they will feel at ease to liaise with her directly.

!!! Here is where it gets interesting. !!!

My wife who was on a business trip in Bangkok had to ring the owner of the shop who is coincidentally also in Bangkok on a “sponsored” “business trip”
-He begins guilt tripping my wife, HIS CUSTOMER as if to mock her “demanding requests” – i.e. TO SIMPLY GET THE CAKE SHE ORDERED FROM YOU AND PAID ALMOST 500 DOLLARS FOR.

This is a sum of their conversation:

Wife: Hi, will like to clarify on what my husband said that there were cracks and lines on the cakes. This was not what was promised. I specifically mentioned smooth texture thus you recommended butter cream

Nicholas: My staff said that it needs to be place in a fridge and the collection was supposed to be at 9pm as per my google document
Wife: Prior to me making payment upon booking the cake. You mentioned that the cake does not need to be stored and refrigerated.
Nicholas: My staff told me that it needs to be place in a fridge.
Wife: Why the F*** did you overpromise and under deliver?!
Nicholas: I know that you are my customer. But you are not giving me any respect.
Wife: Everything is not going as planned!?
Wife: (Lost her cool and frustration and ranted at him)
Nicholas: See! She is shouting at me! Record it down and put it on my blog! (Speaking to his friend)
Wife: I have video evidence of how the cake turned out, it is disastrous if I were to tag you, it’s your business that will be affected.
Nicholas: Please go ahead and tag us.
Nicholas: Do you know Jessica and Myself are both influencers!?
Nicholas: I can understand your frustration and Jessica is already at the shop. I believe you are already in contact with Jessica. There is a time difference and I cannot be in Sg to tend to it as I am being paid on a sponsorship for work. Before I left, I made sure all the flowers were there and arranged for the cake. Moreover, I do not bake and only deal with the back end operations and coordination. I admit that it was my oversight that when your husband texted me and say that he will be going down to collect around 1500hrs, I did not check if the cake was ready.
Wife: Fine. What about the promised tier-ed customized cake box that is safe for collection?
Nicholas: Avoids question and no reply
Nicholas: I will get back to you at 1800hrs with an update on the collection of the cake. (BKK Timing)
At 1759hrs (As promised to reply before 1800hrs)
Nicholas: Hi, Believe Jess already contacted your husband?
Wife: I checked with my husband and there is No whatsapp, no text and no calls from Jessica to my husband.
Nicholas: Her whatsapp cannot whatsapp text or call.
Wife: It’s ok. My husband is busy, let me get my mother to contact voice call her.

-Again, the cake was meant for our 90 year old grandmother’s birthday. OF COURSE THE FAMILY WAS IN DISTRESSED BECAUSE THEY WANTED A NICE CAKE FOR THE OCCASION.

-While Jessica agreed to open the shop the next day AFTER MY MOTHER-IN-LAW BEGGED HER TO, morning for our collection. (to this point, she still refused to budge on delivery), I was worried because when I was at the shop, I saw that 3 tiered cakes were being packed in SKP boxes with cling wrap. I suspected that delivery was adamantly refused so that when the cake was passed to us, they will not be liable for the cake.

[19th Feb]

-My wife and I were leaving out home to Shiberty bakes shop when my mother in law mentioned Jessica called upon texting her back. She mentioned if we are not picking up the cake, she found a delivery man and would charge us $40.00 for delivery.

-Arriving at the restaurant, we saw the delivery man carrying the cake awkwardly (weight of the cake was 8-10kg). The delivery man struggled and placed the cake on the table. At this point we were anxious to see the rectified cake. Note: The SKP box with cling wrap has now been replaced with a box of better quality.

-Alas upon lifting the box, a chunk of cake from the back of the cake FELL OUT. We were fuming.

-Jessica then ATTEMPTS TO PICK UP THE PIECE OF CAKE THAT FELL OUT AND BEGINS TO MEND THE CAKE IN FRONT OF US.. My brother exclaimed “Should you be using your hands?!” The delivery man continues to stun us when he opens his mouth to say: “If you have to use your hands, just use it.”

-We were taken aback by two things.

Firstly, HELLO???? Lack of hygiene. She did not wash her hands in the toilet, neither was she wearing gloves. Secondly, why is the delivery man telling her what to do?

The cake was disastrous to say the least, it was falling apart, we were presented with Singapore ‘ very own ‘’leaning tower of Pisa.’’ Taste wise, it was bland. Guests did not touch the cake.

-Thanks to Nicholas, who taunted, threatened my wife, that Jessica and him are both influencers, we went to her Instagram and realised that the delivery man was her partner/boyfriend. Before the couple left, my wife asked her for the additional cake topper and matching candles to suit the theme of the cake. (This was agreed with Nicholas upon the order) Jessica mentioned that Nicholas did not inform her.

(Nicholas did not mention yet another 2 things that Shiberty bakes failed to deliver) She brushed it aside and handed over a plastic knife without any candles. She told us that a metal knife will be able to cut through the cake. (Why would we need her plastic knife then?)

-We want to simply share our experience here. Safe to say that it was a dramatic and stressful experience for my wife and her family. Throughout the whole nerve-wrecking experience with Shiberty Bakes, neither the business owners were apologetic.

-I am myself small business owner and if anything, young entrepreneurs like the owners of Shiberty Bakes should understand that fame being social media influencers does not mean that they can shirk responsibilities, not take ownership, and threaten, taunt and intimidate their clients.

I hope by writing the post, people will learn that as a paying customer you should get what you pay for, not be bullied or threatened by a so called, self declared INFLUENCER.

Shiberty Bakes #Shibertybakes

Shiberty Bakes responded to their client’s bad review with a long response of their own: Click on the link below to read it.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH SHIBERTY BAKESHave you ever been taken advantaged of, threatened and taunted by someone?This will…

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